My style is very clean and straightforward. I always try to tell the story of the day in a simple, genuine way without overcrowding the pages with too many images.

The process for making albums is also very simple. It works best if you choose around 100-150 images from the wedding day for me to design the album from. I will need to know the album company, what size, and how many spreads you will need for each order.

My turnaround for albums usually depends on the time of year, but I try to stay within two weeks. I'm always in contact with you if it will take more or less time.

Once I am done designing the album, I will send you a version of it to approve. I will change anything to your liking and if everything looks great, you can send it off to your client for their approval! If your client has changes to their album, I will take care of those as well.