It will save you time - time that is so precious these days. You'll free up those long hours of editing time to focus on other parts of your business and your family life. I edit every file individually, so you get consistent, quality images. Everything is personalized to your custom workflow, which I spend time working on with you to make sure it's perfectly you. So let's start the process! We can meet to talk about your style and take a look at your images, dial in your workflow, do a test edit to make sure we're on the right track, go through a critique and then hit go. 


Why should I hire you?
To make your life easier. We live in a busy world where time is a valuable commodity. By hiring me, you'll get more time away from the computer and more time to pursue your other goals.

My whole goal is to deliver you a product that won't have to be re-edited. I have a separate workflow for every client, completely customized to their own needs (I am a very diligent note-taker!).
I learn the way you edit and replicate it the best that I can. So whether you use presets or actions, prefer your images light and bright, or a bit on the dark side, I will listen and do that for you. 

How much do you charge?
My pricing varies per client. The amount of images you include in an edit, what your editing workflow is, basic correction vs. fully edited images, etc are all factors in my rates. My rate is a flat fee for weddings and an hourly fee for commercial work - then you know exactly what you're paying every time you deliver me a job. Please contact me for a quote on my pricing!

What’s your turnaround time?
My turnaround time depends on the time of year, how many images are included in an edit, and how intense your editing workflow is. I usually say 3-4 weeks, but try to get it to you within 2 weeks. I always stay in touch if it will take me less or more time. If you need a quick turnaround, I do offer rush delivery for an additional fee.

How do I get my images to you?
Dropbox is probably the easiest way to get your images to me. You can always mail me a hard drive or drop it off. If you are sending me images for Lightroom, Smart Previews are great.


What programs do you use for editing?
The main program I use for editing is Lightroom for weddings, but will use whichever program you use for your editing workflow. 

What does basic color correction vs. fully edited images mean?
My basic color correcting is a way to get a baseline consistency across all of your images, before you add your additional presets or batch processing. My fully edited images option is doing everything needed to get the look you want. It is customized to your personal style, whether it be actions or presets; Lightroom or Photoshop – we will go over your personal way of editing. You can learn more about these options on my Wedding Retouching page.

Do you crop or straighten images?
I will most definitely straighten images for you! Cropping can be a little ambiguous, especially for me to do that for you, so I usually prefer to just straighten images.

Do you provide black and white images?
I do, depending on if you would like me to. Some people trust my opinion on black and whites and other people prefer to do it themselves. Black and white images are very subjective, but to me, emotional and timeless moments should be black and white. Really bad lighting also falls into the black and white category! I can always provide duplicate images for black and whites as well.

I don’t really know what my style is - are you able to help me with that?
Absolutely! I do consultations that can help with coming up with a style personalized to you, as well as helping with your workflow and file management. I will work with you until we find something you truly love.


“Because we’re so passionate about what we do and how we shoot, it’s scary for us photographers to let someone else edit our photos.  But when you find someone who can see your photographs the way you see them, and edit them in the same way that you would edit them, you’ve struck gold. Liz has been the only editor that I’ve ever used and for good reason.  She takes the time to understand how I edit and then uses the same programs, actions, and looks that I would.  I trust her completely, and she has freed up so much back-end time for me, time that I can use in other ways to grow my art and my business.  I literally cannot endorse her any more than I already do!”
Nate Larson of Nathan Dale Studios
Minneapolis, MN

“When I found Liz I was still trying to master my own digital workflow – and about ready to pull my hair out.   Sitting down with her to review my process was by far one of the best investments I’ve made in my business.  Liz eliminated unnecessary steps, added efficiencies and most importantly helped build my confidence in an area of my business I didn’t particularly enjoy.   Thanks to Liz, postproduction isn’t the nightmare it used to be and I’m more efficient as a business owner and photographer.  I’d highly recommend Liz and for anyone trying to get his or her digital workflow on track.  Thanks Liz!”
Kristine Erickson of  Kristine Erickson Photography 

St. Paul, MN

“Liz truly is a magician.”
Dena Swenson of Dena Swenson Design
Minneapolis, MN

“Liz’s attention to detail and efficiency in every project she was given was absolutely superb and she approached each task with the highest of standards. Around the same time, I was considering outsourcing my editing and instead of sending it to a large editing company, I chose to officially hire Liz as our Studio Manager and train her, specifically, as to how I wanted my images edited. She is a person who learns exponentially and she caught on to my editing style and workflow process very quickly. Liz is the only person that I truly trust to edit my images and this goes across the board for my wedding work, editorial and commercial work. She has been a part of our team for three years and I am so proud and excited for her to expand her client base and continue to be such a great resource for not only our studio, but the industry overall.”
Eliesa Johnson of Photogen Inc
Minneapolis, MN