Are you not ready to give up your editing, but still need help with your workflow? One-on-one consultations are just for that. I can meet you wherever you do most of your business, whether it be your home or your studio. From there, we'll go over your current workflow and work together to make it more efficient. Since I have worked with a lot of photographers with very different workflows, 

I have figured out what works and what doesn't. It's best to have a list of questions that you might have so we can go over them before I leave to ensure that you are feeling confident about everything. Consultations are usually one to two hours of your time.


Things we cover in a consultation:

  • From camera to computer
  • File organization
  • The culling process
  • Editing workflow
  • Shortcuts and hot keys
  • What software you should be using
  • Editing presets and actions